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Art By Mythos

Debora Alanna's Review The Myriad of Truths Show

at the Olio Gallery

Myriad of Truths is a passionate undertaking where synchronistic plots appear in painting and sculpture, divulging illusory stories. Mythos strives to disclose visual legends she senses. Working with mystical knowledge from many cultural inspirations, there are literal and ephemeral references to allusive mystic energies. Bone and feather brings the essence of creation and nature into play, allowing the subjective choices to supersede objectivity with a skill and adoration for how the materials originate. (Tunnel of Eternal Return) Bringing images together with found objects, Mythos layers and develops her personal archetypal narratives. She demonstrates the truth as she experiences it, truth that has a universal realism although the work can be mistaken for cultural appropriation. In his review (1)of Cultural Appropriation and the Arts by James O. Young (Blackwell Publishing, 2008) John Rapko points out that “cultural appropriation dissolves under scrutiny.” “There is little left for the philosopher to say other than to urge, with Picasso, artists to steal.” A warning about objects or content use by an ‘outsider’ may decrease the “richness, an idea, a style, or a motif; and of a subject or 'voice'” is immaterial in this work because Mythos heightens the viewer’s awareness of primordial forces that dominate a variety of aboriginal cultural arts, allowing her own voice to manifest in authentic intermingling imagery. An autodidactic artist, Mythos’ production is vigorous and dedicated, although itinerant with each thought process she engages in. However, she adheres to the veracity of the moment, producing ardently with a mostly muted monochromatic palate that writhes with dream-like visions, sharing her consideration and veneration of ancient enquiry processes. A Jack Shadbolt introspection can be seen, yet Mythos’ probing is more eager, an internal investigation that utilizes beings challenging surfaces with combating strokes. Pairing collage sculptural elements with painted surfaces, Mythos assembles her strength’s conviction. Mythos’ latest work (Rebirth Canal and Ribbed Tunnel of Eternal Return) begins a new exploration with intensely warm colour and unfalteringly feminine shapes. This work projects kindliness with intense assurance, confronting the value of integrity. What will Mythos mythologize next? She has begun to unravel a myriad of truths.

A Myriad of Truths

Artist: ‘Mythos’ aka Tessa Fenger

Olio Gallery

5 – 20 August 2011

614 ½ Fisgard St

Victoria BC

By Debora Alanna

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