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Archival Ink,  Canvas Print

24" x 32" 


Goddess Hekate 


Diving in the darker days 

Goddess Hekate Light the Way,

Torch Bearer and guide through darkest night, 

From the depths of the underworld we rise, with reverence for what shadows hide,

Into the mystery of the Darkness Divine, Great Mother of many worlds guide us, 

Help us to Rise with Clarity, renewed force and energy, rebirth to eternity, so we may shine with wisdoms eyes. 

Mystic, Seer, Witch, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Black Dog Bitch, 

Carrier of departed dead, Crossroads Goddess, Hag and Hex

Bearer of Keys at Gateways edge, Unlock the Doors to whats ahead,  

Unbound in time, and realms unseen, traversing all ways with your keys,

Balancing all that needs to be, Lighting the path for those to see,

I honour you Hekate, The one who is three 

Who Descends and Ascends most easily, 

Who spins the wheel eternally, weaving fate and visions key,

Through forests thick and oceans depth, and places most would fear to tread, 

You guide the spirits who have fled,

Delving deep to free the dead,  Dragon rider, Snake skins shed, 

You who came before the gods, and dwell at the thresholds of life and Death,

You who see beyond the veils and help all who suffer and seek your aid, 

Foundations of the Earth and Sky, the Waters of divine triplicity,  

Caves within and mountains high,  you are free to ride and fly, 

Beyond the earth, beyond the sky, beneath the places all life resides, 

Find the balance and make it right, as we are born so must we die.  

May all who are lost be found and freed, may there be releif from war and fear, 

I Honour you great Goddess Hekate, and ask your Blessings here, 

We are born of love and so return to love, through the shadows we work, may we find the keys to move forth in peace, 

And so return to love. 

Return to love, 


to Love



-tessa mythos


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